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Welcome to ACE

  Action for Community Empowerment (ACE), Pachora


Action for Community Empowerment (ACE), Pachora district Jalgaon is a non-government, non-political, not for profit, organization, registered under the Public Trust Act and the Societies Registration Act (1860) on 13th September 2001.

The organization is receiving funds from the states and central government, and funding agencies for its rural poverty reduction programs centered on Natural Resources Management. Its main objectives are to improve the living conditions of rural people by developing environmentally sound and water resources programs, improve the environment and eco-system, arrest the distress migration, improve the socioeconomic status of rural people and strive for their overall development. This is promoted by facilitating the growth of community based institutions that support and sustain the Natural Resources Management programs. The project area is classified as a drought prone and rural poor representing the poorest section of our society. The project area is presently extended across four blocks Pachora, Chalisgaon, Bhadgaon and Erandol of districts Jalgaon , Maharashtra state covering approximately 13,435 households and more than 53,740 people in 95 villages under various NRM activities like intervention and awareness programs.



Livelihood through Natural Resources Management


To create an enabling socio- economic and ecological environment to encourage self help efforts for the uplifting of the needy and deserving poor segments of the rural communities especially women farmers, landless women, farmers , youth and needy community members through building their knowledge and skills, organize them in to community based organizations (CBO’s) to support them for a better access to Natural Resources Management, Water and Soil Conservation, Agriculture and its value addition, health, with environmental conservation sources of income generation through promotion of sustainable livelihood activities.